What is the Data Content Analysis Report? What do the errors mean?

Modified on Tue, 09 Nov 2021 at 06:11 PM

The Data Content Analysis Report is found on the Home page of your project in the CMS. It is used to identify poor links or over-sized imagery that may be included in your project.

  • Your project must be built to proof or live for the report to run.
  • The report runs nightly if a new data publish has been detected in the last 24 hours and if the end date of the conference is less than 2 months away. (The report will stop running after your event is over)
  • The report includes links to take you directly to the relevant page in the CMS to inspect / correct any errors found.

HTTP Status Codes


Unauthorized access (the content may require an additional login to access)

Fix it: Ensure that you can open the link in an incognito browser window (in Chrome > File > New Incognito Window > paste the URL > if you are prompted to log in and your end users will know how to log into the site, nothing needs to be done. However, if your end users would not know the login, ensure you change the file access so the content is public. 


The URL is going to a page that does not exist. 

Fix it: Copy and paste the URL into your browser, if a page appears, that page may not have been accessible when the report ran at night. If the page does not appear, double check the URL for spelling errors. If you are preparing a link for a page that doesn't exist yet, we recommend to link to a "Coming Soon" page first.