How do I update data in my EventPilot app or the app and use the Proof?

Modified on Tue, 15 Aug 2023 at 11:25 AM

After you have announced your program planner or app to your attendees, you will likely still need to update your content. EventPilot Pro organizers benefit from a safe environment where you can see your data changes before pushing them live to all your attendees. This is called a "proof" and you must always first publish your changes to proof before publishing live. 

  1. Update data in the data source -- e.g. your Google Sheet, CSV file, or a 3rd-party's system -- or in the Conference App Builder, e.g. a change to your Home Screens
    • CTI users: You will need to have CTI regenerate the data they make available for the app, unless they have given you a way through their system to generate that yourself
  2. If necessary, import the changes into the Conference App Builder (you can hit the Import All Sources button from the Home page)
  3. Click on the Publish Menu located at the top right of your Conference App Builderscreen
    1. The Publish Menu for an event that is live:

    2. If your event is not yet live, you will only see Publish Proof Data.

  4. Click Publish Proof Data. 
    1. This will also run a check for all your data and display if there are critical errors for you to fix. If so, please resolve those before attempting to publish again.
  5. Once the publish succeeds, you can now double check your changes in the Proof version of the platform
    1. Test your changes in the proof planner or proof web app: 
      1. Conference App Builder > Distribution > Testing Links
      2. Click on the link to access the proof planner or web app
      3. Check for or test the data changes you've made
    2. If you have a Branded app or Multi-Event Shell app, you can also test your changes in the native apps. 
      1. If necessary, install the proof version of your app (Conference App Builder > Distribution > Testing Links)
      2. Visit the Home tab of the app > Wait for the "Data Update Available" banner > tap it to apply the latest update
      3. Check for or test the data changes you've made
  6. To publish your content live for all your attendees to see, return to the Conference App Builder, click on the Publish Menu on the top right, and select Publish Live Data 
    1. Optional, but recommended: Test your changes on the live platform
      1. Visit the Conference App Builder > Distribution > Attendee Links to access links to the live web app and planner, as well as links to the native apps in the stores
      2. Note: The proof state for the web app or planner may be cached in your browser. Opening the link in a different browser than you use to test the proof will avoid this.
      3. Native apps: Note that you cannot have the live and proof version installed at the same time.

In the Publish Menu, you'll also see:

  1. the time the last proof and live publish took place
  2. a number beside each that will increment each time a publish is made. This, called the "manifest," lets you know which data version you are on.

If you are unsure if you or an attendee has the latest data update in a native app, try this:

  1. In the Conference App Builder > click the Publish Menu and note the manifest number
  2. Open the native app > More > About EventPilot > and look for the number next to the word Manifest. If the Conference App Builder displayed a higher number, go the home screen of the app and wait for the data update. Ensure the app is able to connect to the internet
  3. For the web app or planner, simply refresh your browser to show the latest data after you published from the Conference App Builder