How do I add links for recorded sessions and presentations to the platform?

Modified on Mon, 27 Mar 2023 at 01:31 PM

Note: If you are using EventPilot's Zoom integration, recordings will automatically appear with your sessions. The "Join Webinar" or "Join Session" button will become a "View Recording" button once the recording is available after the session ends. (These buttons can only be accessed by logged in users.) The contents of this article pertain to organizers who are using some other method for providing recorded content.

EventPilot Pro users: Links via dynamic Session Status

The session status is a dynamic add-on widget and displays for logged in users if recordings are available. 


  • displays high in session detail view (directly below the list of speakers, above the session description)
  • logged in users only
  • live updates (no data publishes necessary)
  • customization options for access control (for example, if SSO is set up with check against the reg systems and you only want attendees who had purchased the extra workshop be able to see the recording, it's possible to set that up - additional fees apply)
  • Vimeo link embed option that displays the session discussion chat next to the recording 

Learn more about basic Session Status setup

Learn more about the Vimeo embedded option

Links as Media Items

Option 1 - manually in the Conference App Builder

  1. In the Conference App Builder > Media > Media Data
  2. Click Add Media
  3. For a recording URL choose External Web Link
  4. Fill in the different fields and paste your URL including https://
  5. Save
  6. A window opens with your new media item's details. Click the + icon beside "Sessions" to link the media item to the session(s) where it should appear.

Option 2 - CSV import

For each recording, you are going to need: 

  • the link URL (for example to Vimeo)
  • a title (for example "Watch Session Recording")
  • a subtitle (reuse the presentation title itself)
  • an ID (to ensure media IDs are unique in the system, add a prefix like rec- in front of it. For example rec-100, rec-101, ...)
  • the session ID where the link is supposed to appear
  • optional:  custom icon to display in the app


  1. Media CSV: Create a spreadsheet (ideally Google Sheet) and fill in the columns for creating HTML media items. This worksheet sets up all the links in the system. Follow the guidelines in the CSV specification documentation.
  2. Agenda associated CSV: Create a worksheet in the same Google Sheet where you list the session IDs in the first column and the Media IDs in the second column. This worksheet connects the media items from step 1 with the session where the media item should appear. See CSV specification documentation for details. 
  3. Create the data import sources and import the media CSV and the agenda associated CSV 
    1. Learn how to create a CSV URL from a Google Sheet
    2. Learn how to set up a data import source

EventPilot Pro users: Contact your Project Manager at ATIV to set up a Google spreadsheet for you. This spreadsheet will include all the required columns and our team will link it into the Conference App Builder for you. It will appear as another import source.