Any links in sessions can be added as media items. 

You can add media items either manually using the Media tab in the CMS, or by importing a list of records from a spreadsheet or CSV files.

Please contact your CRM / Project Manager at ATIV to set up a Google spreadsheet for you. This spreadsheet would include all the required columns and our team will link it into the CMS directly for you. 

Be prepared to add the session ID for each session that has a link, the link URL, a title (for example "Watch Session Recording"), and an optional short description. You can also use your custom icon to display in the app. 

If you are using the Zoom integration for Virtual Sessions, Webinars and Meetings are set to be recorded by default. After the session ends, EventPilot automatically converts the Join Webinar or Join Session button into a View Recording button. (These buttons can only be accessed by logged in users.)