The countdown and timer page is available for any sessions in your program. 

You can generate it yourself by knowing the project domain (via the CMS), your project ID, the session ID, and the speaker ID. 

Where to find your domain? 

  • Log into the CMS and access your project
  • Look in your browser's address bar. It could start for example with This is the domain.

Where to find your project ID? 

  • In the CMS, click on Change Event top right. The first entry in the list is your project ID. For example ABC20

Where to find a session and speaker ID? 

  • In the CMS > Agenda > Sessions > search for the session you'd like to create the countdown URL for. 
  • Click on the session to open the detail view. The ID is displayed underneath the Agenda Item Detail title. In the example below, the ID would be 217-a
  • The same view displays the speaker IDs. Let's imagine the ID could be 123456

How to construct the URL? 


Let's build the URL:

Pay attention to upper and lower case.