How do I set up an Attendee List for authentication?

Modified on Sun, 23 Jun at 2:50 PM

Depending on your EventPilot version you purchased, you can use a simple way to set up authentication via the Attendee List. This allows you to control who has access to the platform or features within the platform. 

Note: it may be possible to import attendee lists directly from your registration system. In those cases, however, the list is not used for authentication but for an attendee list display only. If a direct integration with a registration system is possible, authentication would be set up directly via the Conference App Builder > Settings > Auth Settings. If you are an EventPilot Pro user, contact your Project Manager about different authentication options. 

Create a spreadsheet with your attendee list

Set up a spreadsheet (we recommend using Google Sheets as you can directly link to a Google Sheet CSV) with your attendee list with the following columns:

  1. ID Requited
    this is a unique alphanumeric code that you define. If you have a membership system, it could be the member number. Ensure that this number does not change for an attendee once you have assigned it. It is your identifier for a particular person, just like a social security number does not change once assigned. 
  2. Username Required
    This is the username the attendee enters in the username field when logging in.
  3. Private Email Required
    This email does not display in the platform for public access. It is used by the system for the following:
    - set up the user's profile in the system
    - send daily schedule reminders during the event
    - if you use attendee messaging: send a notification if someone has tried to message the user
    - trip report after the event with all notes
    - if available in your project: PosterBridge (the users' email is automatically filled in)
    - if available in your project: ScanHunt Gamification
  4. First Name Required
  5. Last Name Required
    Enter the last name. Ensure you do not add extra spaces or commas. Do not include designations such as MD or PhD. The last name field turns int the user's password. It should match what you print as the last name on the attendee's badge. That way it's easy for anyone to determine what the password is and how it should be spelled. "Look at your badge"
  6. Title Optional
    Include any designations and the full professional title.
  7. Organization Optional
    Use the name of the parent organization e.g. the university name (avoid specific faculty associations as this kind of content would become too long to read).
  8. Description Optional
    Include the attendee's bio if you have collected this information.
  9. URL Optional
    Include the attendee's LinkedIn or social media URL. This is especially helpful if you have attendees that are looking for job opportunities at your event. 
  10. Filter 1, Filter 2, Filter 3, Filter 4 Optional
    You can add up to 4 filters for attendees which can make it easier for attendees to find each other. One filter is one column in your spreadsheet. Each individual filter can have one or more filter keywords. Keywords should be short - each keyword should not be longer than 30 characters. Multiple keywords within one filter must be comma separated (you cannot have commas within a single keyword - the comma acts as a separator between the different keywords). For example, if you have a filter you call "Specialty", an attendee may be specialized in two different areas and would have two keywords, like "Neuromodulation,Neuroimaging".
    These keywords also display visually in the attendee profile in the app and are interactive. We recommend the following filters: 
    1. Country 
      Tip: Ensure you use the same terminology. For example, choose only one term for USA (you don't want to have US for one attendee, USA for another, and United States yet another attendee)
    2. Specialty
      If there are medical specialties, list them per attendee in this field. 
    3. Mentor
      If you know of attendees who offer to be mentors for others, list that in this field. 
    4. Interests
      If you collect personal interests during registration, you can list them. Attendees who like to go running in the early morning like to meet other attendees who love to run. 

Create a CSV File or CSV Link

If you are using a Google Sheet, follow these instructions to generate a link to a CSV file. 

How do I get a CSV file link from a Google Spreadsheet?

If you are using Microsoft Excel:

  1. Click File in the top-left corner of your screen
  2. Select Save as...
  3. Click the drop-down menu next to File format
  4. Select CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (. csv) from the drop-down menu
  5. Click Save

Import the Attendee List

  1. In the Conference App Builder > Attendees > Add Import
  2. In the Source Name field, enter either Google Sheet or Excel, wherever your data is coming from.
  3. Import Source Type 
    1. Keep CSV URL if you are using a Google Sheet
    2. Select CSV Upload if you exported a CSV file from Excel
  4. Click Next 
  5. Either paste the CSV URL for your Google Sheet or upload the CSV file, depending on your setting in the previous step.
  6. Click Next 
  7. In the Mapping step, review your column headers and associate them with the appropriate field in EventPilot. 
  8. Click Import

Conference App Builder Setup

  1. In the Conference App Builder > Settings > Auth Settings, you can follow the steps in the wizard to set up your authentication

Note: if you are an EventPilot Premium user, the self setup in the Conference App Builder may not yet be rolled out to your project and you would not see the Auth Settings in the Settings menu. In that case, please submit a ticket to use your already uploaded attendee list for the authentication. Our team will be able to assist you. 

As an EventPilot Pro user, your project manager can assist you as well. Check with your project manager to set up the connection for you.

Important to Know

Once imported or updated, a data publish is not necessary in order for attendees to log in. Displaying the attendee list is also not necessary in the platform. You can hide the tab in the Conference App Builder > Design > Tab Layouts. 

The global search automatically excludes the attendee list data for privacy reasons.

User Profile Editing

Attendees can update their photo, title, organization, and bio themselves via the app once logged in. 

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