How do I control the daily schedule report email (digest)? What does it look like? When are the emails sent?

Modified on Wed, 25 Jan, 2023 at 9:45 AM

The daily schedule report is a personal email sent to users that have logged in and created a schedule. Emails are generated during the night to be available as a reminder early in the morning before the first session (timing is automatically adjusted to the event's time zone). 

You can control if this email report is generated or not:

  1. Access the CMS > Settings > Project Settings tab in the CMS
  2. Scroll to the section called User Email Settings
  3. You can toggle Email Personal Schedule Reminders on/off. 

The report email includes:

  • The user's scheduled sessions for the day with times and locations
  • What's Hot: The top session in your analytics Engagement report
  • Most Bookmarked: Top bookmarked
  • Most Popular: Top scheduled

Colors are based on your primary event color as well as the color-coded program tracks. Links to sessions open the appropriate detail view in the web version of the app. Please see a sample below. 

Additional attendee emails you can control are: 

  1. Automatic End of Conference Email: Think of it as a trip report containing a summary of all notes and bookmarks. We strongly recommend keeping this ON to ensure your attendees receive a copy of their information.
  2. Notify Message Recipients via Email: This is only applicable if you are using 1:1 private attendee chat. If a logged in user messages an attendee in the attendee list but that person had not yet logged in, EventPilot will send an email that someone is trying to get in touch with them. This email includes details on installing the app. Users that were messaged but have not viewed their personal messages are also notified. 

Note that individual users can also choose to unsubscribe from our emails.