Release 9.3.2 - CMS

Modified on Wed, 27 Dec 2023 at 01:37 PM

The Server update on October 13-14, 2022 includes the following CMS changes: 

Authentication Settings

You are able to set up basic authentication options for your project and select from the following: 

  1. Default: Users create an account with ATIV or log in using their LinkedIn or Google social media account
  2. Basic authentication using an uploaded attendee list. The list would contain a column for the username and the last name as the password. Learn more in this article.
  3. Authentication via CDS API (badge ID is the username and last name is the password). 
  4. Authentication via Maritz API (registration number is the username and last name is the password) 
  5. Custom authentication setup
    (Pro projects only - your PM sets this up for you. There may be a development fee.)
  6. Custom SSO authentication setup
    (Pro projects only - your PM sets this up for you. There may be a development fee.)

Home Screen Editor Button Enhancements

  1. Create buttons with transparent backgrounds: Mix up your button design and remove the circular background by making it transparent. Set the button label and icon color to perfectly fit your design.
  2. Change the tint: Use color overlays on background images to change the color behind the image.
  3. Glass-like effect: Add a nearly transparent white background to layouts that create a glass effect when scrolling over a background image.

All new projects automatically include a new custom Home Screen design as a starting point for your own creative editing. 

Additional Changes & New Features

Simplified branded image upload

If you upgraded to a branded app, your icon is automatically applied as the launch graphic. On newer devices with powerful processors, the launch graphic may not even be visible to users. Please review the deliverables page for more details. Note: This is a change for new projects only. 


    CMS > Design > Images > Icon

Speaker Portal bounce report

If you are using the Speaker Portal, a new report is available with a list of bounced or blocked email addresses. You can then contact those speakers directly and send them their URL or double check if their provided speaker address is accurate. 

    CMS > Add-Ons > Speaker Portal > Invite > downloadable report in the Status card

Note: Reinvite Individual Speaker and Lookup Individual Speaker Info are now combined into Lookup. Once you have looked up a speaker, you have the option to re-invite. 

Copy Planner tab URLs

If you wish to provide attendees a link to a particular online planner tab, you can now easily click the copy icon next to your tab item in the CMS. 

    CMS > Design > Tab Layouts > Planner Tabs > copy icon on the right

Embargo for file name auto-association

If you are using the automatic file association to link PDF poster files to sessions or speakers, you can now add the associated session's date and time as the embargo date. Learn more.

High resolution distribution QR code

Easily print the Apple App Store and Google Play Store QR codes on large banners. The QR code is now available as a vector SVG graphic. 

    CMS > Distribution > Attendee Links > right click on any of the QR codes and download the image


11/01/2022 to all CMS users. Access to certain features depends on the type of project purchased.