EventPilot is a flexible conference app that allows you to pick your poll or survey service of choice or even integrate with your own existing surveys. 

If you have not yet used survey or polling tools, we recommend starting with these: 


The survey tools listed below allow you to very easily create a large variety of mobile optimized surveys including multi-page surveys with logic (depending on a specific answer, the user may see additional questions or skip a page). Please contact your project manager at ATIV if you are interested in pre-filling fields from the app (these include the username for logged in users, or the session/exhibitor ID/speaker ID). 

  • Google Forms - easy, free, all data is automatically stored in a spreadsheet for easy analysis. Ability to pre-fill a field directly from the app. 
  • SurveyMonkey - easy to use, graphic analytics components. Premium plan supports variables to pre-fill fields directly from the app.


Polls should be easy to setup and need to be mobile optimized. 

Learn more about Google forms